Premium Icelandic Salmon Leather

Zero Carbon Footprint
Socially Responsible
Sustainable Production
Made in Iceland

Thin, flexible, and very strong. The texture of the Salmon leather is smooth and refined,
while the distinguishing feature of salmon leather is a narrow line down the middle of the skin.
Smooth and refined to the touch!
Responsibly produced salmon leather means no sad looking salmons.

Vindur | Dark Grey

Unique to Iceland are the volcanic beaches with black sand.
Vindur, dark grey, a classic that never goes out of style!

Vatn | Petrol

Surrounded by water, it is hard not to fall in love with the deep seas surrounding Iceland. Vatn, a deep greyish blue that gives a sense of stability and mystery

Jörð | Dark Green

Resembling the beautiful landscape of Iceland. The long stretches of grass across the flowing hills, or vegitation near waterfalls. Jorð, a serene, a deep, darker yet bold green color.

Eldur | Rust

Inspired by the volcano's and geisers in Iceland this dark earth tone, represents a calming yet powerfull warm energy.